Текст для монологической речи на тему Компьютеры в нашей жизни

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Текст для монологической речи для 7 класса

Сomputers in our life.

We can’t imagine our life without computers. Now they are almost in each family.

Computers offer wonderful opportunities for everybody. We use computers to print documents, find necessary information and ideas, communicate with friends. We also make new friends and chat them on the Internet. Besides, the Internet helps us in our studies. For example, we can learn foreign languages, translate the texts, make presentations. In free time we enjoy playing computer games, listening to music. We learn how to use the computer in IT lessons. It’s very important for our future.

Despite advantages, computers have disadvantages too. Young people spend too much time using computers. They don’t have free time for reading, sport and other hobbies, communication with relatives, friends. Computers are dangerous and addictive. Some people can’t stop playing cruel and silly games. They become nervous, angry and tired. It’s also bad for health: for eyes, heard, brains.